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 Our Services

Holistic Nutrition Department!

  •  Reverse diabetes: Holistically 3 months
  • Reverse PCOD Holistically 3months
  • Holistic Detox program 11 days
  • Holistic approach and 21-day weight loss program
  • Holistic Child nutrition program

Oncology Services!

  • Diet consultation- Online & Offline mode
  • Personalized diet chart according to the condition of the patient
  • Diets for Pre & Post-surgical patients
  • Disease-specific diet plans
  • Enteral nutrition diet plan (Rt feeding, Fj feeding, PEG feeding)
  • 1:1 detailed counselling session
  • Weight management
  • Regular follow-ups

Sports Sustenance Administrations

➢ Online Consultation
➢ Diet Plans for Runner’s, Football players, badminton, Body building,Gymnastic, Tennis,
Soccer Players,
➢ Sports Assessment and consultation
➢ Resting Metabolic Measurements
➢ Body composition Analysis(Self, near any clinic)
➢ Calorie counting per day
➢ Metabolic Repair and Restoration
➢ Video Consultation
➢ Recommended nutrients at the time of tournaments
➢ Personal guiding
➢ Benefits of Nutrients
➢ Immune nutrients during post and pre -workouts
➢ Sports drinks ,Nutrients
➢ Yoga is Mandatory for all athletes to get rid from stress.

Dietitian Services!

  • Conducting online diet consultations of diseases-based diets through calls or video calls based on client’s request
  • Dietary guidelines of the different diseases and their menu planning
  • Foods to be included and excluded based on the diseases

Online Yoga Services!

  • General yoga sessions
  • Meditation and pranayama sessions
  • Yoga classes for kids and students
  • Therapy sessions
  • Yoga sessions for Athletes and special Kids

We’re In this Together

Get a Free Diet Consultation

Product Development Services!

•New Recipes
•Quality based recipes (Home-based with no preservatives )
• Low-cost recipes
• Disease based recipes
• Nutritional Facts on each recipe is introduced
•Label Information is provided
• Articles are been provided

Bio-Technology Services!

• Online Teachings
• Article based sessions
• Importance of Biotechnology
• Role of Biotechnology
• Guidelines for Biotech startups
• Recently developed techniques
• Currently ongoing Researches

Clinical Pharmacist Services!

  • Prescription monitoring
  • ADR monitoring
  • Drug interactions
  • Food interactions
  • Drug information queries
  • Case Study
  • Case Reports
  • Providing information about preventive measures of covid
  • Information regarding drug-related problems
  • Consultation to clients about medications based on disease conditions
  • Sessions on articles
  • Sessions on current trends of Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance
  • Online teaching for subjects like Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacology
  • Patient Counselling about the diseases and medications
  • Life style Modifications

Nutrition Services!

  • patient education
  • understanding and evaluation of nutrition needs of the clients.
  • The mission of our team is to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • To help people to make healthy dietary choices.
  • To provide knowledge on the importance of quality nutritional food.
  • A systematic approach to providing high nutritional care.
  • Accessing the nutritional status/diagnosis
  • Importance of portion size and also bad benefits of long-term overeating
  • To maintain appropriate standards of quality in food and nutrition care service

Nutrition faculty department!

  • Online sessions through zoom meetings
  • Atleast 2 nutrition classesper day
  • Online nutrition sessions
  • Clinical nutrition sessions
  • Cpget coaching
  • Online internships

Organic Farming

  • Natural Cultivating
  • Home Gardening
  • Types – Roof gardening, Balcony gardening
  • Fast-growing vegetables Seasonal planting
  • Techniques for growing leafy veggies
  • Herb guide

Natural Food

  • Organic food guidance
  • Recipes for revolution(meal plan for a day)
  • Natural food recipes
  • Organic smoothies
  • Healthy nutritive recipes
  • Recipes for a specific health condition

Virtual Workout Sessions

  • Dance and Aerobic movements
  •  HipHop
  • Flat belly workout
  • Muscular strength
  • Lower body workouts
  • Chair workouts
  • Zumba for beginners
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Thyroid
  •  PCOD


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