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eat right! move more!

Nutriewind Works With You to Create a Successful Nutrition , Diet Meal Plan &Healthy Stories

The main motto of team Nutriewind is to improve health and provide longer lives free of preventable diseases , injuries , disabilities, premature death, and maintaining health of all age groups.
The food we take from outside will greatly reflect from inside.

We help you to attain quality of life , healthy development , and healthy habits across all stages.
* Help people to make healthy choices.
* Goals for nutrition and weight status.
* Benefits of following healthy lifestyle.
We also teach how to maintain a healthy lifestyle leaving a sedentary life style which is the reason for many health issues. We provide Nutrition sessions, yoga sessions, diet plans , Therupeutic diets ,and clinical pharmacists provide info regarding drugs and medications

Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

Nutriewind is a complete, natural approach to health,best Diet Meal plan and eating the right food for your body to health lifestyle practices to achieve optimal health, but there is much more to it is about connecting with individuals on a whole level. By whole level, I mean we want to get to the root cause of an individual’s health considering their diet by physical and mental being.


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Weight Maintenance

Nutriewind Pillars

Mr. Vishal Mavoori

Mr. Vishal Mavoori


Mr. Vishal Mavoori has done his Bachelor’s in food & nutrition from Sun international institute of tourism and management affiliated to priest university. He is the founder & CEO. He is passionate to start a career with one of his own best organizations at Nutriewind.

We focus on lifestyle changes of every individual & also encourage the clients to improve their health  & the students to have good opportunities & guiding them towards careers. He got trained in Star hospitals as an intern Dietician.

“The harder you work for something the greater you will feel when you work for something. The greater you will feel when you achieve it. stay focused follow your dreams& keep moving towards your goal”.

Ms. Sireesha Manupuri

Ms. Sireesha Manupuri

Managing Director

Ms Sireesha Manupuri has done Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics and  Bachelor’s in Nutrition & Biochemistry Under Osmania University.
Her Specialization made it easier for her to Become a Dietician & Lifestyle Coach.
She has 5 years of Work experience in the field of Nutrition & Dietetics. She started her Career as Clinical Dietician in Secunderabad women’s hospital for 1.5 years after completion of her Internship in Care Hospitals & Apprenticeship in Jeevan Sai Hospitals, Hyderabad.
She Worked as Nutritionist in BeatO and As a Dietician Specialized in Weight Management and Metabolic Disease in Fitelo and as a Health & Wellness Coach in Smit fit. On the other hand, She has been into Freelancing since 2 years with her expertise as a Dietician and Health Coach, She is passionate to help people to Rejuvenate their Health to Lead a Quality Life.
She helped in promoting the success of the Organization, which includes the strategy to achieve that vision, as well as monitoring the Strategy Implementation.
She has expertise in Planning Weight Management diets along with curing various types of acute and Chronic disease. She is the expert in reversing Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Thyroid and Many other Gynecological Health issues such as PCOD, Infertility, Pre and Post natal weight. She is expert in Counselling as a Handling Clients & Decision Making.

Believe in Yourself and Regain your Health with Nutriewind.
Let’s join hands Together, We will help to fulfill your dreams and Reach your Health Goal together.
We can Surely Make a Difference in your Healthy Life Holistically.

Real Results

Custom Plans & Coaching for Your Specific Goals

We started with a mission and vision to modernize the concept of Nutrition and to expose our clients to get genuine and real results of our services. We personally track and educate our clients about their transformation.


Average Weight Loss


Average Body Fat Loss


Maintained Weight Loss


Gained Post 5–15lbs

Health isn’t everything but without it everything else is nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Why nutrition is so important?

Nutrition is a key to a healthy and good lifestyle and also plays a key role in our body functioning.

How can we overcome nutritional problems?

The risk of nutrition-related problems can be decreased by conducting or obtaining the lifestyle of the complete family and trying to implement a healthy lifestyle.

What are the main causes of malnutrition?

The main cause of malnutrition is the lack of proper micro and macronutrients of the body and sometimes it can also be due to absorption disorders.

What is the most important thing about nutrition?

The most important thing about nutrition without proper nutrition or balanced nutrients, our body’s metabolism can slow down and can lead to many other malnurished conditions.

How do you maintain good nutrition?

Good nutrition can be maintained by consuming the right food at right time and by consuming a good amount of fruits, GLV, etc.


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