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Scope of Food Technology

Food technology is developed as a discipline to systematically organize and link the various kind of knowledge which are necessary to inform human activity in food handling, processing, distribution, and marketing. 

Carrier opportunity in Food Technology:-

Food is the most important part of our life. Without it, no one can survive. Every day, we consume food differently. The experts are called food technologists who come up with new ideas and flavors for various food products that we consume in our daily lives. After revolutionary development in new technologies and the increasing demand for food technologists, it has become a rewarding career option.

Over the last decades, the world is witnessing great progress in the food sector; therefore, the demand for Food Science and Technology professionals has been increasing. With the growing new technologies, this sector is growing as a big market in countries like India. Using chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and other sciences, the food technician becomes a need for the food market. Below, we have mentioned the type of Food Science and Technology professionals: 

1. Research Scientist in Food Technology:

A research scientist carries out various experiments using chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and other sciences that lead to improved yield, flavor, nutrition, and general acceptability of packaged food.

2. Food Inspector/ Quality Controller:

The main job of a food inspector/quality controller is to ensure the quality of food produced is maintained. A food inspector runs a variety of tests on both packaging and the food and ensures that the food that the people consume is safe. 

3. Lab Technician:

The lab technician is mainly responsible for providing all technical support needed to enable the lab to function effectively. They are bound to perform tasks like sampling, testing, measuring, as well as analyzing results. 

4. Organic Chemist:

Organic chemists recommend methods by which raw materials are converted into processed food. 

5. Biochemist:

The role of a biochemist is similar to the role of an organic chemist. They suggest improvements in food quality, texture, flavor, storage, etc.

6. Food Engineer:

Those who have completed B.Tech in Food Technology can opt to become a Food Engineer. An engineer in the food industry is required to plan, design, improve, and maintain the processing systems. 

7. Food Product Development Director:

A food product development director helps in the preservation and packaging of food items.

Job Opportunities in Government Sector in India

1. The Food Corporation of India (FCI)

2. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

3. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

4. Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Ministry of Food Processing Industries


6. State & Central Food Laboratories

7. State Govt: Food Safety Officer/Food Inspector

8. CFTRI, IICPT, DFRL, NIFTEM – Scientist/Asst. Professor

9. ICAR (ARS) Scientist